Will Pizza Make You Fat

Pizza And Weight Loss

If you workout or are into muscle building, pizza is most likely a part of your diet. Pizza is possibly the most delicious food in the world. Many people can and will argue this; it is easy to make, the ingredients are cheap and it’s hard to screw up (yet many places still manage to do this). If you are from the Upper Eastern Atlantic than you could have easily grown up on pizza. As you got older you may have stayed away from pizza because of how unhealthy you were told it is. Do you still ask yourself: will pizza make you fat? The answer is not so black and white.

The good news, there is a way to enjoy pizza without ever having to worry about gaining weight. It is all about the ingredients you use. However, if you are eating a large meat lover’s pizza from a chain restaurant like Domino’s or Papa Johns, the answer is simple. Yes, you will get fat and it will happen very quickly. Instead of spending a ton of money on delivery pizza, you need to make your own. Making your own pizza is not only healthy, it is actually a lot of fun. You will have so much fun doing it, you may never order one by phone ever again.

Will Pizza Make You Fat

So what should you use in your pizza? Let’s start from the bottom and work our way to the top:

Will Pizza Make You FatThe Dough

You want to make sure you get a whole grain dough. This is best for a traditional, Italian style pizza. Whole grain has a bad reputation for being less tasty. However, whole grain dough is very different from whole grain bread. When cooked properly the whole grain dough can even be better than whatever it is you are used to eating. Next, you want to roll your dough thin. A lot of the weight loss in pizza is from eating a thick doughy slice. If you spread your dough thin, you can eat a few slices and still have eaten less dough than 1 thick slice.

Will Pizza Make You Fat – The Sauce

The sauce is simple. Go for an organic less oily sauce. Some oil is good but too much oil will pack on the calories and ruin your pie.

Will Pizza Make You Fat – The Cheese

Use a low fat cheese and you are good to go. If you want to go with a regular cheese, that is fine too. Just go lighter than you would with a low fat cheese. Cheese has a ton of extra calories you do not need. If you can skip the cheese, even better.

Will Pizza Make You Fat – The Toppings

While meat on a pizza is delicious, it is not necessary. Load your pizza with fresh vegetables; spinach, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and olives are all great choices for pizza toppings.

Just remember to have portion control, use the right ingredients, choose healthy toppings and you can eat pizza without gaining weight. This will fit into almost any diet. You will be able to enjoy pizza again, not just once but when ever you want. I hope this was helpful, don’t forget to leave your comments at the bottom.

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