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It is that time of year that we see all types of interesting diets popping up. People want to get in shape, after December 31, people will have new year’s resolutions to lose weight and will be trying anything new or trendy to try to shed their weight while having fun. This happens every year and will happen again this year without fail (except for the workouts, they will fail those). In this Article I will cover some weird fad diets and some are really weird. Many of these diets are extremely unhealthy and some are even dangerous. In no way do I recommend that you try these diets. If you are looking for some real weight loss tips, you can check them out here. The following weird fad diets are not to be attempted.

Weird Fad Diets – Tap Worm Diet

The tapeworm diet is possibly the most disgusting diet on the list. So I will get this one out of the way first. The tapeworm diet involves infecting oneself with the tapeworm parasite. This diet was popular in the mid/late 20th century. The tapeworm survives by feeding on the food that the host consumes. This can be quite dangerous because the host consumes little of the nutrients one need to stay alive. The tamp worm is also responsible for abdominal pain and cramping.

Weird Fad Diets – Baby Food Diet

This diet involves replacing some meals each day with baby food. Baby food does not contain any of the excess sugars and fats that adult food contains. However, this can leave a person very hungry and is also not enough to get all the nutrients necessary to be healthy.

Weird Fad Diets – Cigarette Diet

The cigarette diet involves smoking cigarettes when healthy to curb hunger. The nicotine in the cigarette makes the body desire food less. Nicotine is also a stimulate so the body speeds up and burns calories quicker. Smoking cigarettes and smoking in general is extremely unhealthy. Smoking causes cancer, tooth decay and a bunch of other illnesses. The smoking is most probably more dangerous than being overweight.

Weird Fad Diets – Sleeping Beauty Diet

This diets involves less eating by staying asleep. You cannot eat as much if you are sleeping is the idea for behind this diet.

Weird Fad Diets – Drinking Man’s Diet

The Drinking Man’s diet is exactly what it sounds like. This diet is popular amongst extreme alcoholic and involves replacing most of the food one would eat with booze. Extremely unhealthy.

Weird Fad Diets – Cabbage Diet

The Cabbage Diet involves drinking low calorie cabbage soup for seven days at a time. This diet started in the 1980s. This diet is not as unhealthy as the others but fasting in general and not consuming a certain amount of calories every day could be dangerous.

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