Meet Lyndsey

Howdy ya’ll! I’m Lyndsey, a small town girl with big fitness goals! My whole life I’ve lived in southern Texas where I live on a ranch with my family. I’m a Sophomore at my local community college where I’m studying both nutrition and kinesiology. Once I achieve my degrees I hope to work in a field where I can share my love of fitness and healthy living. This blog is a way for me to start my that journey that by teaching you ways to improve your health through diet and exercise techniques.Lyndsey horsey

From a young age I’ve been surrounded by fitness. My mom has been a fitness instructor for over three decades (sorry mom!) bouncing between training at gyms, leading yoga classes, and even teaching pilates. She definitely is an inspiration to me. Whether I need advice for new yoga poses or help putting together a 40 minute ab routine, she’s there to give me feedback and instruction.

Running track and field for four years in high school has engrained in me a level of determination and perseverance that still guides my life today. Everything I do I want to excel in. As one of my favorite quotes says, “life is for living”.