Incense Health Benefits: Does It Really Work?

Incense is one of the most commonly used natural health products in the world. Stress can lead to a lot of physical ailments and poor health. Natural fragrances, such as that from incense, can help to bring the stress levels down. They can also provide relaxation and calmness when used as part of a daily routine. Studies have shown that individuals who use natural fragrances on a regular basis tend to have less stress. Throw in some nature music and dim the lights; it can really set an relaxing mood.

The aroma and fragrant smoke can lighten the mood and occasion. Incense sticks can be incorporated into our daily life in several ways. Below you will find incense health benefits.

History Of Incense

There is a rich history of the usage of incense sticks or joss. In the ancient Egyptian times, incense was used for meditation, rituals and pragmatic ceremonies. Furthermore, incense was also used to deter demons and or honor gods. Popular among the Asian countries, Buddhist monks used incense to honor certain higher beings. As you can see, incense products have historical uses.

Are Incense Sticks Dangerous?

No, incense are not dangerous. With careful use, one should not die or develop cancer from incense sticks. Furthermore, I would not recommend burning incense smoke hours. Please use incense in moderation and at the proper time. Just be sure to keep young kids away from the burning sticks. In addition, if anyone is allergic to the sticks, make sure to try a different incense product. There are many different types of incense. One of the oldest is resin incense. In addition to providing a calming effect, the scent can provide a sensation of smell. This has been linked to increases in blood circulation.

We also have herbal incense and spice incense. Each of these have different properties, and each of them is beneficial to the individual who chooses to use them. Incense made from fragrant herbs can provide mood enhancements and relief from tension and stress.

There are natural ways to achieve stress relief with incense. Stress can lead to symptoms such as chronic headaches and a lack of concentration. By using incense you can address both of these issues at once.

The Pros & Cons Of Incense Sticks

Our air contains many common allergy triggers that can cause reactions in the body. When exposed to these ingredients, our bodies can react and produce symptoms such as nausea and headaches. Fragrance can reduce these effects, so you may be able to eliminate them entirely.

You can experience relief of headaches through fragrant incense. It can provide a way to relax and focus on your daily activities. The natural fragrances in incense can also help to reduce anxiety. They can also help to calm the mind and relieve anxiety caused by stress.

Many people that suffer from respiratory problems find that fragrant incense burns much easier. This is because they tend to enter the nasal passages easily and become more efficient. Often times, an experienced maker of fragrant incense will give you a smaller jar or stick, which means that you don’t have to use as much of the incense to get the same result. This makes it easier to smoke a small amount of incense at a time and enjoy the benefits.

Five Incense Products For A Healthier You

You can also benefit from herbal incense. These types of incense may contain fragrances. This does not means that they are not as efficient as fragrant incense, but they can be very soothing. In addition to relaxing you, they can help to calm the mind and body.

One of the most popular natural health benefits of incense is its ability to provide relief from headaches. The fragrances found in fragrant incense can help to calm the nervous system and lower the frequency of headaches. Since it is primarily used to provide a relief from stress, it is often combined with herbal incense. Here is a YouTube video to help you understand incense.